Welcome to May’s version of the rouser.

We start with the incredibly sad news of the loss of our President, Mr Robert Emeleus, who recently passed away.

Robert was a lifelong member and an active Bonfire Boye throughout. He was also a member of many other organisations in the town. Robert will be missed not just by BBB but by the entire town.

Roberts funeral is on Wednesday 11th May, 11.30 at St Marys Church.

Marbles Report

BBB entered 2 teams into this year’s marble competition on Good Friday.

Both teams may round two (although admittedly, the men did receive a free pass in round 1!) but were unfortunately then knocked out.

We all had a good time tho, and our very own Kerry won the highest scorer.


We welcome Alice as our new fundraising officer. 

The first event under her watchful eye is a Games night to be held at The Railway.

The Big (but now small) weekend is getting closer, and volunteers are needed to run stalls, serve at the bar etc. If you can help, please let Michael or Jodie know.

Badge Competition

A message from Ed below:

This month we opened our first badge design contest, I hope for this to become a yearly event going forward. Creativity isn’t something lacking within the BBB, that much is obvious on any given bonfire evening. 

This isn’t exclusively for the artistically talented though, if you have an idea that you want to see turned into a badge please don’t hesitate to contact me directly, I wouldn’t want someone not to enter an idea for fear it won’t meet the standards of other more objectively talented people.

The point of this ‘contest’ is less about winning but more an opportunity to generate enthusiasm within the society, Also, don’t feel too let down if you don’t win, I may still have plans in the pipeline for runners up. Watch this space. I hope to push more events like this in the future with this ethos in mind, fundraising is obviously very important, but so is community and I believe that building on both will be mutually beneficial for the BBB as a whole. 

If you have any ideas along these more, community focused, lines please do vocalise them, either at meetings or online because things don’t have to always make money to be successful, also there may be a way to incorporate them into a fundraising event. 

Enter your designs to [email protected] competition closing date June 6th 

Diary Dates

Sunday May 15th – BBB vs Battle Cricket Club. The match starts at 2pm, and everyone is welcome to come and watch

Thursday 9th June – Members meeting.

This has been moved on a week due to the Bank Holiday on the 2nd

Saturday 25th June – Battles Big (small) weekend. Please offer to help at this event if you can. Ideally in advance so we can plan out jobs, rather than trying to organise them on the day. Contact Michael or Jodie if you can help

Sunday September 4th – BBB 10k. If you can marshal, please let us know. Last year, we didn’t get enough volunteers and had to pay for private security to cover road closure positions. You are only needed for a couple of hours, and this is a big fundraiser for BBB