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Lottery Results
The Lottery results for October are:

£50 - 57 - A. Parry
£20 - 55 - S. Pennells
£10 - 106 - A. Mascord
£10 - 56 - S. Kemp
£5 - 149 - R. Emeleus
£5 - 161 - S. Champion
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Ear Protection
Loud Noises and Bangs at bonfires can damage children's ears, and even Adults. IF you bring young children, and especially if they are a bit weary of loud noises PLEASE Protect them with Ear protectors or Ear Plugs. Even some members wear them to help prevent hearing problems and even deafness!
Collectors Wanted!
In 2014, Battle Bonfire Night cost over £20,000 to stage. This money is raised over the year in fun raising events. One of the Reasons to spend all this money and put in all this hard work, is to raise money for Local charities and good causes. Can you help by being an Official Collector?

The more we have, the more money we raise. Please contact Webmaster (Click here for Details) for more information and to sign up.
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Battel Bonfire 2018 Battel Bonfire Summer Fayre & Carnival
Archive Merchandise For Sale
Help Battel Bonfire 2018! Buy a Battel Firework Display!

Battel Bonfire 2018
Battel Bonfire Night 2018 is due to be held on Saturday 3th November.

last year we collected 3684.68/ for charties and good causes.
It is a FREE Non-ticketed Event hosted by the Battel Bonfire Boyes. If you are told otherwise or are charged to attend, you have been tricked.
The huge sum raised to put on the event is raised by the Bonfire Boyes through hard work at various events throughout the year. Donations are also accepted. Please remember that ALL donations given on the night to Official BBB Street Collectors goes to Help Local Charities and good causes. We keep none of it for the Event.

The Planned table of events for the day is as follows:
10am - Ringing of the Church bells - Children`s Procession from the top of the high street to the Abbey Green. Children may enter while wearing fancy dress.
10:30am - Judging of Children`s fancy dress and the Guy Contest. Prizes for fancy dress and Guy (Single Entry and Group Entry)
A Stall is open on the Green from 9am till 5pm for Merchandise, programmes and information on the event.

6pm - The Abbey Green is closed off to the Public. NO MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC ARE PERMITTED ENTRY after this time. Battle Highstreet Road Closure also comes into effect till 12 midnight

7pm-7:15pm - The Guy is taken up the High Street to join the start of the procession. The Procession also forms up at Market Street at this time.

7:30pm - A Marroon is launched signaling the start of the procession. It proceeds down High Street to the Abbey Green. From there, down to the Railway station, back up to the Green. Battel Bonfire Boyes then enter the Abbey via the gate way and turn around. They then proceed back up the High Street, along with the rest of the procession, around, and back to the Abbey Green.
9pm - The Bonfire is lit on the Abbey Green.
9:30pm - The Fireworks are started, followed by the Effigy
The main event normally ends around 10pm but minor fireworks and the fire are still on the green. Entry to the Green by the Public is STILL NOT PERMITTED

Please Note: We are unable to offer any form of Parking as this is a small town with limited spaces.
Upper Market, Lower Market and Station Approach car Parks are ALL within the Road Closure areas and you will not be able to drive in or out of them between 6pm and 12am (Midnight).
Caldbec Hill and Mount Street is closed from 6pm to 8:15pm
Battel Bonfire Summer Fayre & Carnival
The BBB Summer Fayre and Carnival was held on the 24th of June.

On Saturday morning, the Battle Carnival procession start at approximately 11.00am. Further details to follow. From mid-day, there was the annual Summer Fayre which will include entertainment in the arena and a Dog Show. This was followed, on Saturday evening, with the night of music with 3 bands playing.
Click here for More information
Click here for more information on the Carnival
The Battle Bonfire Archive is still growing with more and more new photos and newspaper articles from the past. If you have any articles or photos, or Posters, or even old programmes from before 1984, we would like to hear from you. We are trying to create a Digital Archive which will be used for information on this site and the programmes, as well as for future events and other needs. You can either Scan the stuff in yourself and e-mail it to us, or if you contact Ryan via this website or at a bonfire meeting, and he`ll be happy to scan it and return the items back to you afterwards so you don't lose your originals. For more information contact webmaster (a)
Merchandise For Sale
Did you know, that as well as at various events and meetings, you can buy Battel Bonfire Merchandise via this website? Simply Click Here to be taken to the Shop front and browse what we have on offer. Payments can not currently be made via the shop, but details are included for this and shipping.
Help Battel Bonfire 2018!
Collectors Wanted!
In 2017, Battle Bonfire Night cost over £20,000 to stage. This money is raised over the year in fun raising events. One of the Reasons to spend all this money and put in all this hard work, is to raise money for Local charities and good causes. Can you help by being an Official Collector?

The more we have, the more money we raise.

Marshalls Wanted!
As well as collecting Money, We need Marshall`s to help put on the event. A BBB Marshall is in the position to help make sure that the public are safe and get the best view on the night. It's an important job!

Please Contact Sue Pennells (Click here for Details) to sign up for either Collecting or Marshalling or for more information
Buy a Battel Firework Display!
On top of doing our own display, the Battel Fireworks Team put on Displays for others, from private groups to public events starting with a Fireworks Budget of 1,000.

If you wish to enquire about having us put on an event, please contact us (Click here for Details)

We have a great record of competitive prices and quality displays!

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