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The Battel Bonfire Boyes is a society that is run by the members in order to put on a spectacular bonfire night and fireworks display while, at the same time, collect money for local good causes. We all help to shape how the society deals with the many hurdles that are encountered throughout the year as we raise the necessary funds to put on the great event that is Battel Bonfire.

We, as a society, can only do such a good job by having as many people become members, and help out, as possible. As a new member of the society, you will be expected to marshal for the first year. There are many reasons for this desecion including:
To join the society is easy. If you live nearby, just come along to one of the monthly meetings, held every first Thursday in the month at the Battle Club (Next to Yesterdays World). If you live a bit further away and or cannot attend every meeting, don`t worry, it is not mandatory to get to every meeting, but attending them does help to keep you informed about what is happening. It is expected for new members to come to at least one meeting in order to be voted into the society.

All events that are planned, are advertised on the website, but it is better if you can make meetings if you have something to say or an idea to suggest. We are always on the look out for new fundraising ideas and people to help organise and or all events, this includes helping to run stalls and selling BBB Lottery tickets to friends and colleagues (Only £1 a month, Monthly prizes first place is £50).

Subs are payable yearly at the A.G.M., which is head around Easter time, exact dates are advertised well in advance. If you do not renew your membership by the Summer Fete (Start of July), Your Membership will lapse for the year and you will have to rejoin the next year as a new member. The Society is always short of funds and this is one way to encourage members to pay promptly so that we can try to get a bit of interest on the money. The Current Rules were brought in at the 2012 AGM and were designed to help cut out the number of people joining just to march and NOT help put on the event. This was making it harder and harder to put on the event. Also we get such an influx of members, it is hard to keep everyone in order and a number of `trouble makers` have been sliping in. This should also help make our event better and better.

If you are under the age of 18 years, you can become a junior member. As a Junior, you are not allowed to vote at the meetings but can still join in with all the society activities.

All adults that join can choose to help out with the many and varied tasks that take place throughout the year. You can vote at meetings and make suggestions as to how we can make Battel Bonfire even better than it already is.

To encourage families, we have the Family Membership package. This is 2 Full Members and 2 Junior Members (under 18) with a saving of £10

Please Note: All membership applications are to be ratified at the first available meeting and the prospective member is expected to be there. When you join, you will receiver a membership card and a exclusive Members badge.

Membership forms are easy to come by. There is always one in the years event program, or you can download one here in either
PDF format (Click Here) or Word DOC (Click Here) Or just contact the Membership Secretary, Angela Mascord, by e-mail at Membership(at) Angie is at most meetings for if you want to come along and discuss any aspect of being a member

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