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Due to age and lack of newspapers at the times, very little is known at the moment about the 1700s, but we do have a few tidbets of information.

1780s approx
Sometime around the 1780s, on the 5th of November, the Bonfire was burning on the green, when a Mr Oliver approached while wearing a huge belt which was filled with fireworks made from gunpowder from the local mills (Many of the local Firework makers used Battle Gunpowder, as it was reported to be possibly the finest in the world). However, a spark from a nearby blazing faggot ignited the fireworks in his belt and they exploded. He passed away almost a year later from the damage inflicted from the explosion.

1795 Approx
Around abouts 1795, The Battel Bonfire Guy was made. The head, was made from Pear wood from a local tree in the Abbey Estate and it was the custom, at the time, to decapitated the guy, much like Fawkes himself was, and burn the body, leaving the head (and shoulders) which would be used the for the next years guy. While the paint has been touched up since then, this is the same Guys head we use today.

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