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Image on the Left is copyright British Movietone archives and was taken in 1945)
An old Bonfire tradition is the burning of a effigy or likeness of Guy fawkes. These are called `Guys` and kids used to make them, collected money (Known as Penny for the Guy) and then burn them. In Battle, this carried and they were normally claved out of wood from local trees. After a while the Head was kept and each year a new body was made and burnt. Since atlest the 1940s, this hasn`t happened and the body and head where paraded and kept. The head itself, is believed to date back atlest 200 years, believed to have been created in the 1700s, possibliy around 1795, and a photo show the same head on a tall guy back in the 1897, making it the oldest guy in the world. A new more long term body was made by an upholsterer, Mr Barrow (who used to own `Battle Antiques` in the Battle high-street, that became Boots) around the turn of the 1900s (Believed 1908) and The Body it has today dates to around the 1940s-1950s. In the 1970s, Max Blackman overhauled and refurbished the guy.

Image on the Right shows the guy on the Lorry
During Bonfire night, the Guy, in a specially made cart, is pulled at the head of the procession, down the high street and back up. The rest of the time, it is on display in the Battle Almonry Mususm. Before the Cart, it used to be pulled on a decodated trailer. The trailer (not fixed one, but whatever was there to be used that year) had a front and back board with images of Fawkes and his fellow conspirators, as well as the name he took in Spain, `Guido` Fawkes and gunpowdered barrels, the artwork and design was created by Max Blackman. The Current Guy Cart was created around a very old sussex farm cart and is hand pulled. Oringally, with the use of a bar of wood, it was pulled by four people and pushed by two. these days, It is pulled by two and pushed by two. The Cart was created by Mike Butler with contributions from George Stone (Of hastings) LTD and Marlow Ropes LTD.

The Picture at the top of this article was created by Ex-Bonfire Member Max Blackman in the 1970s and graces the Battle Bonfire Programmes ever since, normally near the back or on the back cover, with the Chant writen below it.

above, Guy is being pulled through the streets on the Old Lorry by a tractor (Notice the Lack of the front board). Below left, The Guy on the current Cart, cirq late 90s, Below right, the Guy before it`s 1970s refurbishment.

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