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Please note: We are not a fixed shop and do not have unlimited money. As such, there is a limit to what stock we have in stock at any given time. If we are out of an item that we are likely to re-order, such as T-shirts, we wait until there is enough demand and we need enough to be worth ordering another batch. This means you may have to wait on some items, but we will try to post notices on the information when an item is currently out of stock or is limited stock. We also have no way of taking money online, mostly due to the above mention problem. When you submit your Order, The items will be checked with Stock and the Postage & Packing prices will be worked out and you will get an e-mail informing you of Price and Arrangements for Shipping.
First Class `Large` Envelope Package - 75p P&P

Please bear that in mind. Merchandise is also available via ordering at most BBB Meetings and you can buy/order stock at the Battle Medieval Fair, Battle Summer Fate, Bonfire Day (until 5pm) and at some bonfire events.

Thank you
Indoor and everyday Wear
T-shirts and Polo-shirts.
Sweatshirts and outside Wear
SweatShirts and Hooded Sweatshirts.
Collectable and Accessories.
Badges, Mugs, Pens, etc...

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